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Cite MLA Style 7th Edition

MLA style according to the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers from the Modern Language Association.

Digital Files

Follow the citation format for photograph, sound recording, etc, and at the end of the citation instead of medium, add type of digital file. Digital files include PDF files, Microsoft Word file, JPEG files, MP3 files, XML file, and so on. If you aren't sure what file type it is, use Digital file.

The Basics

Author, compiler, director, editor, narrator, or performer name. Title of the work (italicized if the work is independent; in roman type and quotation marks if the work is part of a larger work). Title of the main Web site (italicized), if different from the title of the work). Version if available. Publisher or sponsor of the site—if not available use N.p., Date of publication if available—n.d. if no date is available. Web. Date of access.

Example JPEG

Vechten, Carl Van. Willa Cather. 1936. Library of Congress, Washington.

            JPEG file.

Example MP3

Sinatra, Frank. "White Christmas" By Irving Berlin. A Jolly Christmas. Capitol,

1957. MP3 file.

Sound Recording

Sound Recordings are cited according to the desired emphasis. In other words, the first item cited could be the composer, conductor, ensemble or performer, depending on what you are discussing in your paper.

The Basics

Person (composer, conductor, ensemble or performer, depending on what you are discussing in your paper). Title of recording (or title of the works included). Artist (when different from the first person listed in citation). Manufacturer, year of issue n.d if date unknown). Medium.  

Example Album

Sinatra, Frank. A Jolly Christmas. Capitol, 1957.


Example Song

Presley, E. "Jailhouse Rock." By Jerry Leiber and

Mike Stoller. Essential Elvis Presley.

BMG, 2007. CD.

Cite YouTube Video

MLA does not have a specific recommendation for YouTube videos, so the standard is to use the format for online film or video. Here are the basics:

Author’s Name or Poster’s Username. “Title of Video.” Online video clip. Name of Website. Name of Website’s Publisher, date of posting. Web. date retrieved.

It is very common for any web resources not to have all of the info MLA would like. If any piece is unavailable, make your best effort to find it. Sometimes you have to look at other portions of the website to find the required info, and sometimes it is truly unavailable. In that case, skip it and move on to the next piece required.

You could also try using EasyBib's form for Film and online video.

  1. Start of by pasting in the URL of the video.
  2. Review the info retreived to make sure it is correct.
  3. Review the info that EasyBib says is missing and try to find it, filling each piece in the form.
  4. When done grab your citation.
  5. Note that you will need to add Online video clip after the title.

Here is an example (without the double spaced, hanging indent Times new Roman 12" formatting)

Shimabukuro, Jake. "Ukulele Weeps by Jake Shimabukuro." Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 22 Apr. 2006. Web. 9 Sept. 2010.

Film & Video

The Basics

Title of film. Director. Distributor. Year of release. Medium (film, DVD, video).


It’s a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Perf. James Stewart, Donna Reed,

         Lionel Barrymore,and Thomas Mitchell. RKO, 1946. Film.


There are two types of interviews: those that have been published, and those that are original research conducted by the student.

The Basics: Published Interview

Person interviewed. Title of interview (OR the word Interview without italics if there is no title). Interviewer's name if known. Appropriate source information (include same information as for any normal for broadcast or print publication. medium.


Kravitz, Lenny. Interview by Ari Shapiro. Talk of the Nation. Natl. Public Radio.

WBUR, Boston. 20 Oct. 2009. Radio.

The Basics: Original Interview

Person interviewed. Kind of interview (person, telephone). Date.


Hilton, Paris. Personal Interview. 23 July 2009.

Trying to Cite Blackboard?

Television or Radio Broadcast & Transcripts

The Basics

"Title of the episode or segment." Title of the program or series. Name of network. Call letters and city of station. Broadcast date. Medium (radio, television).

Example Broadcast

"James Cameron: Pushing The Limits Of Imagination." Fresh Air. Terry Gross. Natl. Public

 Radio. WHYY, n.p., 18 FEb 2010. Radio.

Example Transcript

"James Cameron: Pushing The Limits Of Imagination." Fresh Air. Terry Gross. Natl. Public

Radio. WHYY, n.p., 18 FEb 2010. Print. Transcript.