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How to Use EasyBib

With the full version of EasyBib (available with the COM Library code) you can automatically generate citations, works cited page and more in ACS, APA, Chicago, GSA, MLA 7, MLA 8, and more! Learn the basics and how to get free, full access.

Get the EasyBib App

Download the EasyBib app to your device so you can cite in ACS, APA, GSA, MLA 7, MLA 8, and more! You can even scan the barcode of a book to get a quick citation. Build and manage your works cited. Once done you can email your citations.

Don't forget you will need to sign up using the COM Library code to get free access. Get the code from the Circulation or Lab desk in COM Library.

Want More? Go to the How to Use EasyBib guide.