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How to Use EasyBib

With the full version of EasyBib (available with the COM Library code) you can automatically generate citations, works cited page and more in ACS, APA, Chicago, GSA, MLA 7, MLA 8, and more! Learn the basics and how to get free, full access.

Grab a Citation for Non Databases Sources

This technique is best for non database sources, or databases that don't export to EasyBib.

Once you've registered with EasyBib using the COM Library code, you'll be able to generate citations for your bibliography as well as in text citations for  the top COM citation styles: ACS, APA, Chicago, GSA, MLA 7, MLA 8 (and more).

1. Choose Your Citation Style
After logging in to EasyBib you can get started by choosing your citation style. Multiple styles are available. If you don't see your style. Use the More pull down menu to find your style.

2. Choose What You Want to Cite
One you've selected your style you'll need to select what kind of source you are using. The most common options are available in the tabs, but you can click on All 59 options to see more.

3. Check the Citation
Once you've entered a book, article, site or other source a list will appear. Check the list and select the one that matches your source. You'll be shown the citation and given an option to edit anything that need to be changed. Once complete, you'll select the Create Citation button.

4. Grab the Citation
Now that the citation has been created you can copy and paste it into you paper. Click edit if you see something that needs to be changed.

Convert to a New Style

EasyBib will automatically convert the citations in your list to a new style--just click on the new format to convert it.

In Text Citations

Automatically generate an in text citation for APA and MLA styles by clicking on the Parenthetical option showing below your citation. Grab the in text citation from the Copy and paste your citation pop-up window.

If you need it for MLA 8, just switch to MLA 7 and select parenthetical to got your in text citation--that's one thing that has stayed the same in MLA 8.

Manual Cite

If EasyBib can't automatically generate a source, you can choose the Manual Cite option under each format and fill out the info in an easy form that will format the citation for you.

Get ACS & GSA Style

  • For ACS, type in journal of the american chem and choose Journal of the American Chemical Society.
  • For GSA, type in journal of the geo and choose Journal of the Geological Society.