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How to Use EasyBib

With the full version of EasyBib (available with the COM Library code) you can automatically generate citations, works cited page and more in ACS, APA, Chicago, GSA, MLA 7, MLA 8, and more! Learn the basics and how to get free, full access.

Name Your Project

EasyBib organizes all your citations by project. If you don't name your project or aren't in your project when you cite a source, by default EasyBib will put the citation in a new project labeled New project and the day's date. This might not seem like a problem, but by not naming your project:

  • If you do research on more than 1 day your sources will be listed under different projects and you won't be able to use EasyBib to automatically create your Works Cited /References/ bibliography page formatted in your citation style (see how EasyBib can do it for you). That would be a shame, because it's a huge time saver.
  • If you are researching for more than on project on the same day, your sources will be mixed up on the same list.


Use Comments

You can use the comments features to help organize your thoughts for your paper.

Click on Comments below your citation and add your thoughts on how you might use the source. You could try adding things like "use in intro," "use for stats" or "proves madness theory"