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Email Basics

Email for COM students, free web based email and step by step tutorials.

Your COM Email

emailDon't know your username? Here are some tips:

  1. Your User ID is the same as your WebAdvisor User ID with, 
  2. Your initial password is your seven-digit COM ID number. If your COM ID number is, for example, 723, you must add four zeros in front of 723 to make it seven digits (0000723).
  3. In WebAdvisor you can click either “I’m New to Webadvisor” or “Account Information” to get your username.


Today, it is common to ask people for their email address, rather than their phone number. Ray Tomlinson invented this revolution in communication in 1971. Early emails contained only text and were used primarily by universities and research organizations. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, various individuals and groups continued to expand upon the capabilities of email—adding, for example, the ability to send the same message to multiple addressees, the ability to sort email headers by subject or date, and the ability to forward messages. The year 1988 saw the first sanctioned commercial email use of the Internet with the introduction of the CompuServe email system.

From CREDO Email: National Geographic.

Free Web Based Email

Email Yourself

TipWhen you forget your portable drive you can email yourself documents you want to save so you don't lose all your work--or use Google Docs or Windows Live.

GCF LearnFree

GCF LearnFree

Great free online tutorials and courses from GCF Hardware and software basics, using a computer and more.

Computer & Tech Help

Tech HelpGood news! Our Library Lab staff may be able to help you with your tech problem--just ask!

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