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Texas Constitution

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Texas Constitution


Composite Photograph of 1875 Constitutional Convention from TSLAC


A legal holiday in Texas, March 2 commemorates both the convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos held on this day in 1836, when delegates prepared for the separation of Texas  from Mexico, and the birthday of Sam Houston (1793-1863), who led the Texans to victory over the Mexicans in the battle of San Jacinto. The convention formed an interim government, drew up a constitution, and made Sam Houston commander-in-chief of the Texan military forces. But their work was interrupted by the invading Mexican army. It wasn't until the following month that the Republic of Texas  forced the issue of independence at the battle of San Jacinto. Texas  is the only state to celebrate independence from a country other than England.

From CREDO Texas Independence Day: Holidays, Festivals, & Celebrations of the World Dictionary.

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