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How to Use RBdigital Magazines

Access full color popular magazines that you can keep.

1. Login and Create an RBdigital Account

You'll need to access RBdigital Magazines from COM Library's pages in order to access the magazines to which we subscribe for free.

  1. The first time you access RBdigital Magazines, click on Create New Account. Enter your COM ID number and create your account. You can use any of your email accounts, it does not have to be your COM account.
  2. Once your account is created, when you come back you'll just login .
  3. You can search in the search box or browse the magazines by genre with the pull down menu.


Use the Same Account Accross RBdigital

TipIf you already have a RBdigital Magazines account, sign up for COM Library's collection with the same username and password as your existing RBdigital Magazines account so you can access checkouts from all your libraries with one account.

2. Checkout a Magazine

When you checkout a magazine a box will pop up with options to Keep Browsing magazines or Start Reading it online. If you'd like to read it in teh app later, choose Keep Browsing and it will be available the next time you open your app.


3. Read Your Magazine Online

Once you've checked out your magazine, click the Start Reading button to open it online. Using the navigation tools you can:

  1. View a text table of contents with links to articles
  2. View a graphic table of contents with links to articles
  3. View full screen.
  4. Read the article in text only.
  5. Zoom in.
  6. Print the article.
  7. Trun the page.

What's In It?

QuestionDownloadable full color popular magazines like EatingWell, ESPN, National Geographic, Wired, and Vogue.

Special Features

  • The magazines are graphic and look exactly like the print versions.
  • Any magazine you check out you get to keep! RBdigital Magazines will store it on the cloud for you and you can add or delete from your app multiple times or view on or MAC or PC in the cloud.
  • View on PC, MAC or an app for your mobile device.
  • Multiple ways to navigate: turn pages, access stories through table of contents or page images.
  • Create bookmarks to save your place. Most magazines also let you choose a text only view for easier reading.
  • Zoom in and out on any page.

My Magazine Collection

RBdigital Magazines saves all your magazines checkouts in the cloud under My Magazine Collection. Use the account icon pull down menu to access it.

It looks just like Browse Magazine Collection, but shows just the ones you have checked out. Magazines you checkout never have to be returned, you can keep them forever. You can:

  1. Click the cover or open magazine icon to read it online.
  2. Click the trash to remove it from your collection.