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Copy Stations

Make copies in COM Library.


Copiers available in on either side of the Circulation Desk, as wel as table and recycle bin. You can ask library staff for help or refer to the Ricoh Quick Copy Reference Guide below.

Good to Know

  • The cost of copying is 5 cents per page
  • The copier does take $1 and $5 bills
  • 2 sided copying is available
  • Color copying is not available

Copyright & Fair Use


Copyright laws protect authors, publishers, musicians, artists and others from having their work stolen or misused. Copying a song, a book or an image without permission is not legal. However, there are exceptions, which brings us to fair use.

Fair use exceptions were designed with education in mind. Fair use says that as a researcher you can copy sources for your own use when used for educational purposes--with limits.

Hole Punch, Stapler, Tape Available

Electronic hole punch/stapler, manual stapler and tape are available on each end of the Circulation desk by the copiers.

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