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How to Use American History Online

Get the basics, grab citations and help.

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You can get started by using the search box or browsing by topic or resource type. Click on the image below to see the full size.

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What's In It?

QuestionAmerican History Online covers more than 500 Years of government, political, military, social, and cultural history. Includes a Topic Center that gathers the best resources to give an overview of an era as well as special topics American Women's History and US Government. Each topic center has relevant articles, videos, slideshows, primary sources, maps, charts a timeline and suggested searches for key people and events.

Special Features

  • Introductions to topics that provide a great overview
  • Primary Sources Maps and charts Images, videos
  • Timelines
  • Citation in MLA or Chicago Manual of Style
  • Suggested searches of key people and events for specific topics or eras