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Library Reserves for Faculty

Place items on reserve for your students.

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Library Reserves for Faculty

The library will place on reserve books, articles or other items that faculty would like to have available to their students. We recommend placing on reserve multiple copies of course textbooks. This helps to ensure that students who cannot afford to purchase books still have access.

A Few Guidelines

  • Library materials and personal copies of items may be placed on reserve for students. A minimum of 48 hours is required for materials to be processed before sending students to the library to use the item(s).
  • Reserve materials are reviewed each Fall and Spring semester. If you wish materials to be left on reserve for the next semester, please indicate so on the Reserve Request form. All other items will be removed and returned to owner. A minimum of 48 hours is required for removal of items from reserve.

Textbook Checkout by Subject

On ReserveYour students can find out here what has been placed on reserve for your courses with our Textbook Checkout Guides. In addition to textbooks, you can place on reserve articles or other items.

Guides are organized by subject. Students can click on the title of any book in a guide to see how many copies are on reserve, if they are currently available and in the case of most articles, access the full text online.