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Study Loft

The Study Loft is on the mezzanine level of the library, designed for individual and collaborative study.

Collaborative Tech Workstations

Great for group projects that require technology.

  • You can reserve a collaborative workstation online.
  • Checkout a keyboard and mouse at the circulation desk.
  • If you detach any wires to use the workstation, please put them back before you leave so it's ready to use for the next student.

Whiteboard Stations

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Great for when you want to do group work or study.

Individual Spaces

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Great for when you'd like your own personal space to study, our study pods also charge your devices!

Study Rooms

Study loft room

Great for when you want your own personal space with no distractions. White boards are available in each study room.

More Library Spaces



Noise Level

These collaboration areas are great for discussion and collaboration, but please be mindful of the noise level as sound is amplified in the library and may disturb other students.

Too noisy? Let Us Know!

If you feel noise is getting too loud you can start a live chat with library staff below so we can address the issue. If you use this option it would be very helpful to have a description of where the noise is coming from.

You can also use this chat box to get help with your research or if you have any other library questions.


Options for Quiet

  1. Book a study room so you can be in a quieter environment.
  2. Bring earbuds so you can block out noise, or checkout headphones at the circulation desk.
  3. There are seating areas scattered throughout the library, including options in the stacks with books. You may find those quieter.