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Tips for Finding Evidence Based Articles in CINAHL

Your best bets for finding evidence based articles, plus step by step tips to save you time and get the sources you need.

What are Evidence Based Articles?

""Though many articles may be evidence based, for research purposes evidence based generally refers to articles in the medical, nursing, psychiatry and related health sciences fields.

  • Evidence based might be described as evidence based practice, evidence based healthcare or evidence based medicine.
  • Like other advanced research, the best way to find the required articles is using databases that provide a specific way to limit to those kinds of resources.
  • In COM Library you can apply an evidence based limit to your search in CINAHL.
  • There are more databases with evidence based articles in COM Library, but you have to take a different approach since they don't have a limit to apply.

More Databases with Evidence Based Articles

The databases below do have evidence based articles, but they don't have the limit. The way to get the evidence based article sis to:

  1. Search with your topic but add the term AND "evidence based" with quotes.
    Example search: "mental health" AND "evidence based"
  2. On the result list you will then have to select evidence based as a subject. What is under varies by database.


In CINAHL scroll down the advanced search page to limit to Evidence-Based Practice. Select this limit before you actually search as it is not available from the result list.

Evidence Based