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Tips for Finding Cause or Effects Sources

Your best bets for cause or effect research, plus tips to save you time and get the sources you need.

What are Cause or Effect Sources?

""Cause and effect sources are potentially anything that has factual information.

Searching for your topic with the term "causes of" or "effects of" can be a great way to get articles in databases to support your paper, but there are other terms you can combine with your topic that may also help

Good for Cause

Good for Effect

Good for Either

"reasons for"



"impact of"







role of

associated with or association of


Since you are doing college level research it's very important to make sure your source is reliable. You should read all sources critically, but you can trust the sources you can get through COM Library. 

Finding Topics

CQ Researcher, Issues & Controversies, Gale In Context Opposing Viewpoints and Gale In Context Science can also help you come up with topics by taking a look at their browse topics pages.

You Can Use Pro & Con Sources, But...

Opinion or pro & con articles, books, or other sources can used for cause & effect research assignments, but you have to be careful so as not to produce an unintentionally biased paper or presentation that is meant to be objective.

Cause or Effect Databases

"" Use COM Library's databases to get the college level articles you need for your research faster. These database are great for cause & effect topics.

Statistics Websites

Statistics can potentially be great for cause or effect. Here are some top sites for statistics.