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Tips for Finding Articles on Texas & Local

Get tips on finding articles on Texas or a Texas county or city.

When Should you Focus on Texas or Local?

QuestionIt can be hard to make a Texas, or a Texas county or city focus work for your assignment.

Here's why

There aren't as many articles written about state or local topics, and you are unlikely to find scholarly articles unless they are historical. In some rare cases where the topic is specific to Texas, or a Texas county or city, and it is of national or world interest there might be scholarly articles.

When a Texas Focus Might Work

  1. When your assignment is on a current topic and does not require scholarly or peer reviewed articles
  2. When your assignment is on a historical topic
  3. When your instructor requires it (of course!)

Add A Texas Focus

If you really want to include a Texas or local angle in your paper on a current topic, you could discuss the issue in your paper on both a national and more local level.

You'll just need to make sure that you get sources that support both parts of your discussion. This would be especially meaningful if Texas differs in some way to the national or world situation, such as with the death penalty. 

Don't Forget!

Whatever you choose to do on your paper, it has to fit the assignment your instructor gave you. If you're not sure, ask!

Texas & Local Historical Articles

Research Library and Academic OneFile have the most articles on Texas History, including scholarly articles. 

OneSearch will search for all the books that we have on Texas and local topics, as well as other sources.

Texas & Local Current Articles

Most current articles available that focus on Texas, or a Texas county or city, are going to come from news sources.

Infotrac Newsstand and American's News are the best databases for Texas news and American's News is the best for local. They both have the full text of multiple Texas newspapers and magazines.