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How to Use JSTOR

How to use JSTOR to access thousands of high quality academic journals, primary sources, eBooks and images 24/7 on or off campus.


Once you've performed a search and get a result list, you'll have options for filtering your search, which is important as you'll probably have hundreds to thousands of results. Refining by Subject is usually the most effective, but liming to journals, date and language can also help. 

JSTOR Search Results

Navigate the Article Page

From the article page you can: 

  1. ArticleGrab the durable link to the article
  2. Grab a citation on MLA, Chicago or APA style. .
  3. Share the article on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Only those that already have JSTOR access will be able to access the article. 
  4. Save the article. Requires a login to your free JSTOR account and will save to JSTOR Workspace.
  5. Download the article as a PDF file.
  6. Find all matches to your search term within the article. 
  7. Get more articles like this one.
  8. Read the article online, zoom in or out, change to full screen or Compare to other articles from your result list.