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How to Use Feedly

Use Feedly to get the news you want all in one place.

1. Get Started

Feedly lets you get the news you want all in one place. It's is cloud based, so once you're signed in, you can access your feedly from all your computers, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. To get started, go to Feedly and sign up on a computer or download the app.

Feed screen

2. Choose Your News

In the side bar, go to Discover and Follow to start adding your feeds. Once open, you can search available feeds by entering the name of the site, by topic or enter a URL of a site you already know. You can also browse through feeds other people are using by topic.

Choose news

3. Organize

You can organize your feeds by going to Organize sources in the side bar. That lets you move your categories around, move feeds from one category to another or delete feeds and categories.