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Media Bias

What media bias is, how to spot it, confirmation bias and where to get your news.

Which Way Does Your News Lean?

Ad Fontes and AllSides create well known media bias charts, displayed on this page. While they both rate bias, there are some differences in their approach. AllSides rates only online sources while Ad Fontes also includes broadcast media, and Ad Fontes rates accuracy as well as bias. Bias is not static and can change over time. Both organizations share their pervious charts so that you can examine how specific media outlets have changed over time. 

Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart

Ad Fontes rates both the bias and reliability of media content, including traditional broadcast, podcast and online news sources. 

AllSides Media Bias Chart

AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ make the political leanings of hundreds of media sources transparent so that you can get the full picture and think for yourself. AllSides has rated over 1,400 sources. The ratings shown below are selection of all the media sources rated--see all the media ratings

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