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Tips for Finding Articles with Methodology & Results

Best bets for finding articles with methodology and results, plus tips to save you time.

What are Literature Reviews, Methodology and Results?

""Articles that include methods, results, literature review are a specific type of academic or scholarly research that tends to be more common in the sciences and social sciences. Here is a break down of the terms:

Literature Review

When articles are published on this type of research, they frequently include a literature review near the beginning of the article. A literature review discusses the findings of research on the same or related subject. In other words, what is known so far on this subject.


How the author or authors are going to find out what they want to know about the subject are their methods, or methodology.

Results or Conclusions

What they found out based on their research.


Screenhot of article with methodology, click to see full size

Extracted from Situational interest, computer self-efficacy and self-regulation: Their impact on student engagement in distance education (Must be on campus or have a COM account to view the entire article).

Top Databases for Articles with Methodology

Get articles with methods, results, literature review and conclusions from these top databases.

Search Tip

Add the term methodology to your topic and search.


"distance education students" AND methodology