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Post-Apocalyptic and Alternate Realities in Film & Lit

Get the best books, eBooks, articles, media and open access resources on post apocalyptic and dystopian literature.

Tips for Finding Post-Apocalyptic Sources

TipWhen researching recently published literature or film it can be difficult to find academic articles. Most of what you'll find is a book or movie review, and generally they do not have enough depth to be accepted by your instructor.

Here are a few tips that may help get the articles you can use:

  • Start with multiple search databases. This will allow you to search a lot of databases simultaneously and save you time. We currently have one each for all EBSCO, Gale and ProQuest databases.
  • Search using the title of the work with an additional term like:
    • main character's name
    • author's name
    • theme term like apocalyptic or dystopian
  • If available, limit your results to academic or scholarly journals.
  • For a few post apocalyptic and dystopian literature and films you will find very few or even no sources. In those cases your best bet may be to consult the books on this page that discuss post apocalyptic and dystopian literature and films in general and see what qualities your story may share or how it may differ. The films may be the most difficult to find sources on. 

Books & eBooks

""Try these books to get started.

Want more on finding books or eBooks? Try our How to Use Books & eBooks guides.

Post Apocolyptic Guides


The Dark Side of Literature


Home Access

""It's true, you can access most COM Library resources at home! COM Library’s catalog, and the thousands of eBooks and articles in our databases can all be accessed off campus. Just login with your COM account for off campus access.

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