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Tips for Finding Qualitative Research

What is qualitative research, qualitative article examples and CINAHL tips to save you time and get the sources you need.

What Qualitative Research?

""Qualitative research in nursing mainly deals with the lived experiences of patients and nurses, information which may not be obtainable through quantitative methods of research. 

  • Tends to be more subjective.
  • Observations tend to be described in words.
  • Samples tend to be purposeful and small.
  • Data collection can include:
    • interviews
    • focus groups
    • filed observations
    • participant observation
    • case study

See more from CREDO Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (Must be on campus or have a COM account to view). 

Example of a Qualitative Article

Extracted from Women’s perspectives on postpartum depression screening in pediatric settings: a preliminary study (Must be on campus or have a COM account to view the entire article).