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Tips for Finding Qualitative Research

What is qualitative research, qualitative article examples and CINAHL tips to save you time and get the sources you need.

Use CINAHL Options to Limit to Qualitative Research

Finding qualitative articles can be difficult, but CINHAL has multiple ways that you can apply to get the articles you need. It's really all about your limit options. 

  1. Type in your search term
  2. Limit to Research Article and/or Peer Reviewed
  3. You may also want to use the full text limit 
  4. Try any of the options below to limit to qualitative articles. You may have to experiment to see which option gives you the best results. Some limits will be more effective than others depending on your main subject. 

Options for limiting to Qualitative Articles

  • Try adding Qualitative Studies as a subject to your search.
  • Try the Publication Type limit to limit to specific publication types that are qualitative: 
    • Anecdote
    • Interview
    • Questionnaire/Scale
  • Try the Clinical Queries limit
    • Qualitative - High Sensitivity (broader)
    • Qualitative - High Specificity (narrower)
    • Qualitative - Best Balanced (balanced between sensitivity and specificity )