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How to Use ProQuest

Get the basics, grab citations and get help.

My Research

My Research lets you save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create in ProQuest. You can include documents, searches, search alerts, and more..

ProfileTo get started you'll need to select the profile icon to create a free account. 

Once you've created your account, you'll be able to: 

  • Documents
    Save, view, and organize ProQuest documents. 
  • Searches
    Save searches to provide easy future access to search strategies and results.
  • Alerts
    Manage any alerts that you create while logged in to My Research.
  • Account
    Adjust your account settings and preferences to personalize your ProQuest search experience. One great preference you can take advantage of is to create a short-cut to your favorite databases so that when you login in via My Research, your favorite databases are bundled together and pre-selected for you. 

Good to know
My Research accounts are specific to the school where you create them, and accounts will be permanently closed after three years of inactivity.

My Research