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Why Have Library Instruction For Your Class?

Reduces Student Anxiety

Library research is the #1 academic fear of college student and library instruction has been shown to reduce the anxiety. 

Encourages Students To Use Critical Thinking Skills

Evaluating the quality of the sources they find is frequently a new concept to college students. Library instruction can show them how to use critical thinking skills to evaluate their sources.

Saves Students Time

Literature shows that students require more library instruction than ever before to help them make the best use of their time and find the information they need.

Improves Quality of Student Research and Papers

When students use better quality sources, the quality of their papers improve. Some students have reported higher grades on their papers after library instruction made them familiar with library resources and how to best use them.

Reduces Student Perceived Barriers to Requesting Help

Once they've been in the library and interacted with a librarian, they feel more comfortable asking for help when they need it.

To set up library instruction contact

Textbook & Course Reserves

On ReserveThe library will place on reserve books, articles or other items that faculty would like to have available to their students.

We recommend placing on reserve multiple copies of course textbooks. This helps to ensure that students who cannot afford to purchase books still have access.

To place materials on reserve, use our online Reserve Form

If you have any questions you can email us at