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How to Use Issues & Controversies

Get the basics, grab citations and help.

Issues & Controversies

At the top of every Issues & Controversies article is a page tools menu. Click on it and select Citation to get a Chicago or MLA style citation, MLA is the default.


Change It Tips

  1. After pasting the citation in your paper, create a hanging indent. (follow this link to see how).
  2. Make it double spaced (follow this link to see how).
  3. Change the font to Times New Roman 12.

It Should Look Like

"Fake News: Does fake news pose a significant problem

for democracy?" Issues & Controversies, Infobase

Learning, 2 Mar. 2017, http://icof.infobaselearning.

com/recordurl.aspx?ID=16337. Accessed 30

June 2017.