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How to Use Issues & Controversies

Get the basics, grab citations and help.

Pro & Con


Every Issues & Controversies issue has a supporters and opponents section at the beginning of the article.

Check Opposing Viewpoints or CQ Researcher for another easy place to find pro and con arguments.

Need a Topic?


If you're stumped, try Issues & Controversies. You can browse through Issues by Subject until you find one you like. You can also use the Issues A-Z list to get ideas for topics.

Get Started

You can get started by using the search box or browsing for titles by topic.

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What's In It?

Issues & Controversies covers controversial topics and includes chronologies, illustrations, maps, tables, sidebars, statistics, bibliographies, contact information and the current and historical events related to the topic.

If you need graphics or statistics on your topic, this database is a great place to find them.

Special Features

Look for specific types of information on the Issue page, such as:

  • Overview Poll
  • In the News
  • Primary Sources
  • By the Numbers (Stats)
  • Chronology
Depending on your topic, you may find nay of the specific types of information listed above, as well as:
  • Editorial cartoons
  • Groups to Contact (organizations that have information on your topic)
  • Photos, Charts & News Maps.