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Textbooks & Reserves

Find textbooks and items on reserve for your courses.

What's Available

Textbooks and other items that have been selected by your instructors and made available to you through COM Library.

Materials on reserve may include:

  • Textbooks
  • Direct links to OER textbooks (free textbooks adopted by your instructors)
  • Anatomy models
  • Films
  • Geology Rock Samples

Textbooks and course reserve are Library Use Only (Can only be used in the Library)

Fines for overdue textbooks and course reserve materials are:

  • $1.00 per day

Textbooks & Reserves


Scan for Free!

Image of the Kic Scanner

Scan books, photos, magazines or any item up to 19 x 12.25 in black and white or full color for free! The Kic scanner is easy to use with touch screens as you go. The scanner is located the right side of the circulation desk. Keep in mind that both copyright and fair use apply for educational purposes

Multiple File Formats

Scan as image files, rich text, PDF, searchable PDF, or audio.

Multiple Send Options

Scans can be sent directly to mobile device, USB drive, faxed, email, or cloud.

MyDocs App

Access all your docs from the KIC scanner from one easy place so you can view, print, share, save, organize and use multiple study modes. Find out more about MyDocs app

Copyright & Fair Use


Copyright laws protect authors, publishers, musicians, artists and others from having their work stolen or misused. Copying a song, a book or an image without permission is not legal. However, there are exceptions, which brings us to fair use.

Fair use exceptions were designed with education in mind. Fair use says that as a researcher you can copy sources for your own use when used for educational purposes--with limits.