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How to Use CREDO Reference

Get basics, learn how to find books, use topic pages, mind map, image search or cite.

Share Articles, Images/Maps, Video, Primary Sources

Link to CREDO Reference articles, eBooks images or other entries or video so that they can be accessed on or off campus.

Here's how to get a durable link so you can share with your students in D2L: 

  1. Get the durable link options:
    • The Copy Link Option on top left of the page. 
    • The Share tool provides a durable link. 
  2. When you add the text on your course, highlight and select the link option from the D2L toolbar.
  3. In the URL dialog box, paste in the URL you grabbed with the proxy prefix, make sure that the Target selected is New Window and insert. 

Note: The Share tool also provides an embed option which does not currently work in D2L. 

Try the Live Links