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How to Use CREDO

Get basics, learn how to find books, use topic pages, mind map, image search or cite.

What's In CREDO?


CREDO has hundreds of eBooks on multiple topics as well as 200,000+ images and audio files and nearly 100 videos. If you need facts or images on your topic, this database is a great place to find them.

Search the Collection

""Search for academic eBooks on multiple topics. Must be on campus or login with your COM ID off campus.

Choose the CREDO link to search all content, and CREDO eBooks to browse the eBooks. Must be on campus or have a COM ID to access off campus.

More Books & eBooks



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Home Access

""It's true, you can access most COM Library resources at home! COM Library’s catalog, and the thousands of eBooks and articles in our databases can all be accessed off campus. Just login with your COM ID# and last name.

More on Home Access