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How to Use ProQuest Research Library

Get the basics, grab citations and help.

Save Time on the Result List

Once you've done a search you can save time by using options on the right side of the screen.

Using any of the options will potentially help you focus and save time, but these are generally your best bets:

  • Peer Reviewed
    If your instructor wants you to use peer reviewed articles, selecting this box is a super easy way to get them. 
  • Source Type
    You can easily narrow down to academic or scholarly resources if your instructor requires it by selecting Scholarly Journals. 
  • Subject
    Save a lot of time by selecting a subject. This will eliminate articles that just mention your topic, but are not mainly about your topic.
  • Get Help With Your Research 
    We have a live chat box embedded in ProQuest Databases, If we are open you can live chat with us. If we are closed, you can email your questions and gat and answer when the library is open again 

Result List