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How to Use Ebook Central

How to access and use the eBooks in COM Library's Ebook Central collection.

Get Started

It’s easy to begin a new search from wherever you are in Ebook Central. Just look for the Search box at the top of the page, or the Search link in the global navigation.

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Add Highlights, Notes & Bookmarks

With the Annotations pane you can highlight, make notes and bookmarks in an eBooks by using the icons (see 3 & 5 below) on the  page. All highlights, notes and bookmarks in a book, are arranged by page and type.

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Special Features

  • Add Highlights, Notes & Bookmarks to eBooks
  • Download entire eBooks to your device or just a chapter.
  • Save a list of favorite eBooks and track your downloads with your Bookshelf.
  • Get a citation in multiple formats, including APA and MLA.
  • Search within a book for specific terms, yielding a list of hyperlinked pages.

Ebook Central Overview and Searching (3:20)