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How to Use Ebook Central

How to access and use the eBooks in COM Library's Ebook Central collection.

Share eBooks

Link to Ebook Central eBooks so that they can be accessed on or off campus.

The first step is to get a durable link for the eBook. For most databases, the URL you see in your browser address bar is a temporary link that will not provide access to the article for other users. The durable link will provide on campus access. Here's how:

  1. On the eBook page, look for Share Link to Book and click it.
  2. Copy the URL from the pop up window.

Off Campus Access

To provide off campus access, you'll need to follow the same steps as above, but add a prefix in front of the link so that COM students, faculty and staff can login with their COM account to see the article.

  1. Add the prefix directly in front of the URL with no spaces:
  2. A link accessible off campus should look like this:

Try the Live Link