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How to Use Ebook Central

How to access and use the eBooks in COM Library's Ebook Central collection.

1. Begin the Download

On your eBook page, choose Full Download and Sign in to your ProQuest Account when prompted. If you have not already created one, select the option to Create Account

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2. Choose Your Device

After you've logged in the Device window will pop up. You may also be given an option for either a PDF or EPUB format, depending on the eBook. EPUBS are generally more comfortable to read. Ebook Central has a super easy to use interface that will guide you through the next steps. Just follow the instructions on your screen.

Download and Install the Bluefire App

For Android or iOS

Go to Google Play or the App store and install the Bluefire reader.

For Kindle

  1. Before you download (see link below), you will need to enable "allow installation of applications that are not from Appstore." on your Kindle Fire. Where you find this on your Kindle varies by device.
  2. Once you've downloaded, select Open.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Authenticate with your Adobe ID.