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Fake News

Fake news is not new, but it's never been so pervasive or harder to spot. Find out how to spot fake news.

How to Spot Fake News

These are things to look at that can help you determine if you are reading or watching fake news.

1. Credentials

Is the source of the news story a known legitimate news outlet? Is it from a news source that is also available as broadcast news or an online or print magazine?

2. Objectivity

Does the author of the news story have an agenda? Are they associated with a special interest group? 3. Documentation Are sources given in the story? Can you find the sources cited to verify the information? Do individuals interviewed as sources have some kind of expertise on the topic, such as their profession, education or were they a witness to the news event?

4. Conclusions

Do the conclusions that the news story comes to about the topic line up with other sources on the topic? This is actually the most important piece since fake news sources may also fake credentials, documentation, etc.

Also Look Out For

Fake news sites are notorious for creating names similar to legitimate news sources to make their stories seem credible.

The sites below have more tips on how to spot fake news stories

How to Spot Fake News (2:04)

Report Fake News

You can report fake news when you see it.

Check Snopes

Is it true? Submit a rumor to Snopes or go to their Fact Check to find out.

Here is the latest from Snopes.

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Check FB To See If You've Liked or Followed Fake Russian accounts

Check Sites That Review News

The Fact Checker’s Guide to Manipulated Video

The Washington Post Fact Checker takes on fake videos. They've created a guide that takes you through the main ways that videos are being manipulated to misrepresent the truth. 

Check Punditfact

Part of the Politifact project from the From Pulitzer Prize Winning Tampa Bay Times.

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Look for the Google Fact Check Tag

Google recently enabled a fact check tag in Google and Google News search. This label identifies articles that include information fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations.

Google notes that "This information won’t be available for every search result, and there may be search result pages where different publishers checked the same claim and reached different conclusions."

Google Fact Check