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How to Use MLA Handbook Plus

MLA Handbook Plus, from the MLA experts. How to cite, quote or paraphrase just about anything, from poems to tweets.

Home Access

""It's true, you can access most COM Library resources at home! COM Library’s catalog, and the thousands of eBooks and articles in our databases can all be accessed off campus. Just login with your COM account for off campus access.

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What's in MLA Handbook Plus?

MLA Handbook Plus includes the latest edition of the MLA Handbook, full text online available 24/7. You can browse or search the book online, get citation examples for just about everything, see sample papers and lots more! 

That's not all! MLA Handbook Plus also includes the MLA Style 101 tutorial, MLA Guide to Digital Literacy and MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature

Must be on campus or login with your COM account for off campus access.

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