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How to Use Academic Videos Online (AVON)

Access thousands of high quality academic, technical and archival streaming videos 24/7 on or off campus.

Get Started

You can get started by using the search box or browsing.

Special Features

  • Special FeaturesView full-length videos. 
  • Get citations in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.
  • Integrate videos into D2L.
  • Personal accounts can be created to so that you can create and share clips of videos. 
  • AVON was designed with accessibility in mind and should work well with assistive technologies. Captions and translations are available for all videos with transcripts, which is most videos on the platform. See more on the Accessibility page

Search Tips

Browsing by channel is convenient if you don't have a topic in mind. If you want something specific, searching is more efficient. You may find that  not everything you pull up in a search is relevant. If that happens, select the funnel option to filter your search. 

Once filter options are open you can narrow by results subject which is generally the most useful, but you can also filter by publisher, person, content type, language or date. 

Video Playback Tips

Academic Video Online is web based. Videos can be played back on computers and mobile devices through your browser but there is no app for streaming devices such a Roku.  

By default, all videos will begin playback in full-screen mode. In this view, users can play/pause, rewind/fast-forward, seek within the timeline and change the volume. Users can also begin to search within the Transcript, Cite or Share the video or create a Clip.

Users may escape full-screen mode at any time by choosing one of the other options (Transcript, Details, Clips etc) from the main header of the player page. By so doing, the player will revert to a split screen layout that includes other supplementary material about the video.

Academic Video Online Platform Overview (2:48)