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How to Use Academic Videos Online (AVON)

Access thousands of high quality academic, technical and archival streaming videos 24/7 on or off campus.

AVON Accessibility Features

AVON was designed with accessibility in mind and should work well with assistive technologies. Captions and translations are available for all videos with transcripts, which is most videos on the platform. In addition, Audio-Described Video has been added to popular videos. 

Site Accessibility & Translation Preferences

AVON has a options available that lets you choose your preferences for site language and accessibility. Choose the icon in the upper right corner to choose your preferences. 


To choose your language preference:

  1. Choose the icon in the upper right corner
  2. Click/tap English
  3. Choose from Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish. 

To choose your accessibility preference:

  1. Choose the icon in the upper right corner
  2. Click/tap Accessibility preferences
  3. Use the radio button to turn on single character keyboard shortcuts.


Video Captions & Translations

Turn on captions by selecting CC from the video toolbar below the video. 


Audio-Described Video

AVON has added audio descriptions to some videos and will continue to add more. Audio-Described videos have added narration that describes on-screen images for the benefit of those with visual impairments.

If you run across a video that does not already have audio description, let us know at It generally takes a couple of weeks. 

To find videos in Academic Video Online with audio descriptions, try searching: "with audio description".


TranscriptsThe transcript is synchronized with the video and will highlight text spoken as the video plays. It will also by default scroll along with the video. To turn off this feature, simply move your mouse into the transcript area and your mouse movements will override the normal scrolling. At any time, you may also click a section within the transcript to skip forward or back within the corresponding video.