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Current Awareness for Faculty

How to use EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest and Google tools to receive journal, author and/or news alerts on topics of your choice.

Gale Databases

How to create search alerts for your favorite journals, navigate a journal page and see title lists for our top Gale Databases. 

Create a Gale Search Alert

From your search results list or from the Issues page you can request notification when new content is added to the database that matches your search topic or you may subscribe to an RSS feed provided by Gale and have content delivered directly to a newsreader.

  1. Search on your topic.
  2. On the results list, click the Create a Search Alert link.
  3. To receive alert emails, enter your email address in the Mail to field (Or copy the Feed URL for your newsreader).
  4. Select your options.
  5. Click the Save button to submit your request.

Navigate the Journal Page

  1. Browse different issues of the journal by date.
  2. Search within publication (all issues of the journal).
  3. Share the journal via the Get Link tool.
  4. Create a journal alert to email new articles from the journal on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or grab the link to create an RSS in a feed reader such as feedly or embed the feed in a web page.

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