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How to Use Literary Reference Center

Get the basics, advanced features, most studied authors, works, full text classics and how to cite.

Most Studied Works

In Literary Reference Center you can browse a list of the most studied works.This can be handy if you are trying to choose a topic for your paper, because there are many works about which not much has been written. If you find a work listed here, you'll probably be able to find enough for your paper.

When browsing most studied works, you can browse by:

  • Title (default)
  • Genre
  • Locale

Browse All Works

If your work is not under Most Studied, look for All Works on the same Browse list on the home page. For most works, you will still be able to retrieve a page that has a related Information box from which you can choose plot summaries, critcisms, etc.


1. Access Most Studied Works

To get started click the Most Studied Works link in the Browse box.

most studied works

2. Browse by Title, Genre or Locale

Browse by title, genre or locale by selecting the tab and either typing in what you want, or if you are not yet sure, just scroll down the list to see what is available.

browse most studied works

3. Get Plot summaries, Literary criticism & More

Once you click on your work you'll retrieve a page that has links to plot summaries, Literary criticism, in many cases the full text classic, and more about the work.