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How to Use Literary Reference Center

Get the basics, advanced features, most studied authors, works, full text classics and how to cite.

Save Time on the Result List

Once you've done a search you can save time by using options on the left side of the screen (see clocks, below):

Limit to

Under this option you can select the publication dates of your results. If you click on Show more>>, you'll see that you can also limit by document type, number of pages, literary author and more.

Source Types

Under this option you can limit to the full text classics (the actual poems, short stories, etc.), plot summaries criticism and lots more if you click on Show more>>.


This option can always be useful in getting rid of articles that aren't on your real topic. You just have to take a look and see if there is anything listed that applies to your research, Generally good options are always the name of the author or title of the story (you can select more than one). Click on Show more>> to see all subjects.

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Top Tips

  1. To get started you can do a search by entering an author or specific work.
  2. On the result list under source types, choose Literary Criticism.
  3. Under Subject, choose the poem, short story, novel or play as a subject. You could try the author or a character too, depending on the theme of your paper.
  4. If you need peer reviewed articles you'll need to start from the Advanced Search page and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals under Limit your results.