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How to Use OverDrive eBooks

Get the basics, and how to read literature, fiction and nonfiction eBooks from COM Library's OverDrive collection on your device.

1. Get the Overdrive App

Get free eBooks on family, relationships, health, life after military, self-improvement, history, succeeding in college, literature from 20th and 21st century authors and leisure reading.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows devices.

2. Set Up Your Overdrive App

You'll only have to follow all of these steps the first time you use the app.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open the app and tap Sign up using your library card.
  3. Under Find your library, enter mainland, and tap Go.
  4. Under College of the Mainland, tap COM Library.
  5. You'll be taken to the COM Library Sign into your library page. Tap SIGN IN.
  6. On the Login to COM Library Databases page, enter your COM ID and last name.
  7. On the Finish setting up page, tap Yes under Are you 13 or older?
  8. Enter your name and the email that you'll want to use with OverDrive (does not have to be your COM email) and tap Sign up.
  9. Overdrive will sign you in and take you to the Add a library page. Tap Add a library.
  10. Type in mainland and tap Search.
  11. Tap COM Library, then tap College of the Mainland and then you'll see our eBooks. 

3. Check Out eBooks in Overdrive

Once finished with the initial set up, you won't have to go through steps 1-11 again, but you will need to sign in to check out books, place holds or add to your wish list.

OverDrive gives you three choices for how you'd like to sign in. If you tap the Sign in button, you won't have to enter any additional information, you'll be logged in.