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How to Use OverDrive eBooks & the Libby App

Get the basics, and how to read literature, fiction and nonfiction eBooks from COM Library's OverDrive collection on your device.

Free eBooks From You Local Public Library!

It's true, you can get free eBooks from your local public library! They are not technically open access, but they are free to anyone with a library card!

Most of our local public libraries provide OverDrive. Some local libraries also provide in Axis 360, Cloud Library or Hoopla. They all require a library card to get started. Get a library card from your local public library.

Belong to More Than One Library?

If you've created on OverDrive account, you can go to the OverDrive catalog for all libraries and see what the latest eBooks are or find out which of your library has the eBook you want.

Just sign in to browse or search. You may need to choose the ALL saved libraries option from the result list to see just the collections to which you have access.

OverDrive Collections

In addition to the COM Library OverDrive collection, there are four local library groups that offer free eBooks through Overdrive. The four local library groups do have some of the same books, but their eBook collections vary just as their print collections do. Collections may also include audiobooks, magazines and videos. eBooks include bestsellers, classics, self help, titles for children and young adults and lots more!

Houston Area OverDrive Libraries

Friendswood Public Library, Helen Hall Library, Houston Public Library, Mae S. Bruce Library and Rosenberg Library are part of the Houston Area OverDrive collection.

Piney Woods OverDrive Libraries

Dickinson Public Library and La Marque Public Library are part of the Piney Woods OverDrive collection.

Get a Public Library Card

If you don't already have a local library card, go to your local public and sign up--it's free!

Any Galveston County resident can get a free library card at all Galveston County libraries.

Any Texas resident can get a free library card from the Houston Public Library, Harris County Public Library and Rosenberg Library.