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How to Use Gale Academic OneFile

Get the basics, how to cite, how to link to articles and more.

Get Started

You can search by entering terms in the Search box at the top of the page or select a popular article from the home page.

  1. Search
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Get Link
  4. Browse by Discipline
  5. Publication Search

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Special Features

  • Download articles directly to your Google Drive or One Drive. 
  • Add highlights and notes.
  • Get More Like This from article page.
  • Browse articles by Discipline.
  • More than 11,000 peer-reviewed journals and more than 8,000 in full text.
  • Listen to an article. 
  • Photos, Charts & News Maps
  • Broadcast transcripts
  • In addition to database multimedia, option to search for more images with Google image search