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How to Use Gale Academic OneFile

Get the basics, how to cite, how to link to articles and more.

Results Page

Once you've performed a search and get a result list, you'll have options for filtering your search, which is important as you'll probably have hundreds to thousands of results. 

Save TimeNarrowing down your results can really save you time. These options are available from the left hand column of the result page.

Article Page

From the article page you can: 

  1. Grab a citation using the Cite tool.
  2. Send the article to Google Drive, One Drive or email using the Send tool.
  3. Download the article as a PDF file.
  4. Print the article.
  5. Get a permalink or durable link to the article.
  6. Add highlights or notes to the article.
  7. Get more articles by the author(s). 
  8. Get more articles from the journal.
  9. Translate the article into another language.
  10. Change the font size of the article.
  11. Listen to the article.
  12. Download the article directly to your Google Drive. 
  13. Download the article directly to your One Drive. 
  14. Email the article. 
  15. Download the article directly to a physical Drive. 
  16. Get more articles like this one.
  17. Get more articles on related subjects.