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Getting Started with OER for Faculty

What is OER, how to implement and find OER for your courses.

What are Open Educational Resources?

""Open educational resources (OER) are materials for teaching or learning that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed, or shared with others. OER may include everything from a single video or lesson plan to a complete online course or curriculum and also include the software platforms needed to create, change, and share the materials.

OER Squad

COM supports OER. If you are running into barriers, the OER Squad can help!

Help Finding Textbooks and unlimited access library resources

Help Finding OER media and with formatting existing or original OER  

Mix It Up!

Can't find the perfect OER textbook? Mix it up to get just what you have in mind! The OER Squad is here to support you! 

  • Content is almost perfect, but it's missing something
    Add unlimited access library resources to fill the gaps. The OER Squad can help you find the best resources. 
  • Content is great, but it's not the most user friendly format for your students
    The OER Squad can help you reformat an OER Textbook.
  • Content is good, but needs to be updated
    The OER Squad can help you get the OER textbook in a format you can easily edit, and convert into the best formats for your students when you are ready to publish.
  • There's nothing out there! 
    This is where your own authoring comes into play. Just as when you remix existing OER, the OER Squad can help you get your OER textbook into the best formats for your students when you are ready to publish.

OER & Open Access Guides

""COM Library collects links to top open access eBooks, journals, databases, streaming video. Get them from the guides below. 

Open access sources are also available by subject in all our subject guides