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COM Library Textbook Survey


This survey was a random sampling of 144 students in COM Library in Fall 2019.

Key Findings

  • Almost 30% of students were not able to buy all of their textbooks.
  • 38% of COM students paid over $200 for textbooks this semester; 28% paid over $300. Combined, that is 66% of our students that had to pay over $200 in one semester. 
  • About 92% would be willing to use a free eBooks or web based guide in lieu of a textbook.
  • 86% face no barriers viewing a free eBooks or web based guide.
  • Of students that were not willing to use either a free eBook or free web based guide, there was little overlap, meaning most were willing to use one or the other. Only 3 students did not want to use either.

Comments from Students

  • Get more interesting textbooks.
  • Willing to use eBooks, but I do enjoy hands on reading and highlighting.
  • Open to using eBook, but not as good as a physical textbook.