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Research Tutorial

Your introduction to college level research.

Get Started with College Level Research

thumbs upThis research tutorial is a series of guides with a quiz that gets you started researching at a college level. You'll learn:

  • What college level research is.
  • What to focus on to succeed in your research assignments.
  • How to find and evaluate the kinds of sources your instructors want you to use.
  • How to use citation tools that will make your life easier.

Get to Know Your Library

CheckOne of the best ways to get started with college level research is to get to know your library.

Taking the time to get to know your library now can really save you time and frustration when you actually have to do research for your classes. Get some library basics in about COM Library.

The Tutorial Works!

After reading the tutorial, 96% of COM students said they learned something new about college level research.