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Google Magazines

Google MagazinesYou can get full text magazines from Google, including titles like Life, which are no longer published and Popular Science which have been around for over 100 years and continue to be published. Access the list of magazines available through Google. Specific magazine issues can be linked to, specific articles, or a link to browse all issues of a title.

Link to a Google Magazine

You can link to a Google Magazine or article within the magazine. Here sre some examples:

Here's How

1. Find the article or cover to which you'd like to link. In the Upper right hand corner of the magazine or article's page, click on Link and copy the code.

2. Type in text that let users know where link will take them (such as Texas Monthly), highlight the text and select the link icon to input an active hyperlink to your article or cover.

3. To link to Browse all issue, as you view any issue of the magazine, note the link in the upper left corner to Browse all issues. Copy the link by right clicking and selecting Copy Link Location. You may then type in text, highlight, select link icon and add the hyperlink.

Explore Google Magazines now.

Embed Google Magazines

Some Google magazines can be embedded in your libguides. It's easy tell which are available. When you click on the Link option of any magazine all available options will show. At the very least you will be provided with a link to the magazine or article. If the magazine is available to embed, you'll see the option to grab the embed code.

Here's How

Go to Google magazines and perform a search for your topic. Click on Limited Preview or Preview to go to the magazine in Google. In the Upper right hand corner of the magazine's page, click on link and copy the embed code. Back in Libguides, add the code to a Rich Text/Dynamic Content box using the plain text editor, and Voila, the magazine is embedded. From the Libguide, students can access the Table of contents of the magazine or search it, and read as much of it as the copyright allows. Explore Google Magazines now.