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Cite APA Style 7

APA style according to the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual from the American Psychological Association.

Featured Print Books

Author, A. A. (Publication date). Title of work. Publisher. 

Book Example

Shotton, M. A. (1989). Computer addiction? A

study of computer dependency. Taylor

& Francis.

In Text Citations

Parenthetical: (Shotton, 1989)

Narrative: Shotton (1989)

Chapter in Edited Book

Author of chapter. (Publication date). Title of chapter. In Editor(s) of book, Title of book (pages in book). Publisher. https://DOI

Book Example

Duarte, A., Kensinger, E. (2019). Age-related

changes in episodic memory. In 

Samanez-Larkin, G. (Ed), The aging brain:

Functional adaptation across adulthood

(pp. 111-134). American Psychological


In Text Citations

Parenthetical: (Duarte & Kensinger, 2019)

Narrative: Duarte & Kensinger (2019)

eBook with DOI

Author, A. A. (Publication date). Title of work. https://DOI

eBook with DOI Example

Pozzulo, Joanna. (2017). The young eyewitness:

How well do children and adolescents

describe and identify perpetrators? 

American  Psychological Association.

In Text Citations

Parenthetical: (Pozzulo, 2017)

Narrative: Pozzulo (2017)

eBook without DOI from Database

Author, A. A. (Publication date). Title of work. Publisher.

eBook without DOI Example

Gerhardt, M. J. (2018). Impeachment : What

everyone needs to know. Oxford University

Press, Incorporated.

In Text Citations

Parenthetical: (Gerhardt, 2018)

Narrative: Gerhardt (2018)