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COM History

The history of the College of the Mainland.

COM History

Access information about the history of the College of the Mainland, including an overview, timelines by decade and specific documents such as COM catalogs, student handbooks, employee newsletters and more.

The COM Mascot

Did you know? COM has actually had several team and mascot names over the years. 

COM Mascot Timeline

  • COM Comets in 1968.
  • Fighting Comets in 1973.
  • Mainland Comets in 1976.
  • 1977- 2006, no teams or mascot names that could be documented.
  • 2006 COM adopted the Fighting Ducks. 

The Fighting Ducks

In 2006 a ballot with several names was directed to employees who voted online and Fighting Ducks won. From the BOT minutes January 23, 2006:

Consideration of and Possible Action on School Mascot
Steve Lestarjette provided the Board with a handout (Mascot Finalist Tallies) and reviewed the selection process. David Leija (student, President SGA) explained that the students requested a mascot so that students would have a boost to school spirit, a mascot to wear on their shirts when they are representing the college. The mascot finalists were COM Comets, COM Ducks, and COM Fighting Ducks. The COM Fighting Ducks received 53% of the total vote, COM Comets 27%, and COM Ducks 20%. Nick Stepchinski moved to accept the Fighting Ducks as the COM School Mascot. Ralph Holm seconded the motion. All voted in approval, with the exception of Bennie Matthews. The vote was 5 in favor -1 opposed, the motion carries.

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College of the Mainland's award winning student newspaper 1968-2004.

At times named InterCOM, Mainland Comet, Trailblazers or the The Gander, COM students covered the news and events of the College of the Mainland from 1968-2004. Today the student newspapers are the best single source for the history of the college. 

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All past COM catalogs are available online. In addition to use for academic purposes, the catalogs can be used to learn about the history of the College. Access catalogs from the 1960's, 1970's & 1980's or from the 1990's, 2000's & 2010's. 

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