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Presidents @ COM

The Presidents of College of the Mainland with brief biographies, accomplishments and photos.

President Homer Hayes, 2000-2008

Click to see full sizeDr. Homer “Butch” Hayes became the President of College of the Mainland in 2000. He received his B.S. and M.S. degree from Northern Illinois University and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

He worked in the Alamo Community College for 24 years.  He spent four years as Dean of the Workforce Development at the San Antonio campus.  Before then he was the Interim President of St. Phillips College and Dean of Occupational and Technical Education at Palo Alto College.  All of the position was held within the Alamo Community College district.   

Dr. Hayes served as President of College of the Mainland from 2000-2008.

Top Accomplishments

  • The SACS Self-Study was completed and COM received full accreditation in 2003.
  • Fall credit enrollment increased from 3,203 students in 2000 to 3,964 in 3964 in 2004; spring enrollment from 3,361 in 2000 to 4,164 in 2005 (COM’s highest credit headcount enrollment ever.)
  • The College applied for and received more grants than ever before in its history. During 1999-2000, $833,227 in grant funding was awarded to the College, compared to $3,904,787 in 2004-2005. 
  • The Foundation assets increased from $1,040,086 in 2000 to $1,150,575 in 2005. Foundation scholarships awards increased from $48,477 in 2000 to $80,948 in 2004, for a total of 401,972.
  • The Associate Degree Nursing program has been removed from probation in January 2003 and has since received two commendations for 100% pass rates on the NCLEX-RN exams.
  • The Learning Center was opened in League City.
  • A suite at Appomattox Square was purchased to house the CAPT (NSF Center of Excellence grant) program.
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing program implemented.
  • PACT (Alternative Teaching Certificate program-in partnership with Galveston College and the Galveston County ISDs) program implemented.
  • Associate of Art Teaching Degree implemented.
  • Pharmacy Technician program implemented.
  • Distance Education Team formed to coordinate the offering of online and hybrid (blended) courses, train teachers and students, and to monitor quality of distance education offerings.
  • Online course offerings (including hybrid) increased from 36 in the Spring of 2002 to 82 in the Spring 2005.
  • Honors program started for students who desire more rigorous academic challenges.
  • Dual credit classes and enrollment increased significantly.
  • Continuing Education contract training has significantly increased due to improved relations with the petrochemical plants.
  • First Generation Grant – direct monetary grants to at-risk students